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Spring and Fall Equinox –At the mid-point between the Summer and Winter Solstice, the Spring and Fall Equinox denote the day of the year where there is exactly the same amount of daylight and darkness. In honor of this phenomenon, we are developing both a bottle-fermented sparkling wine and a rosé of Malbec that blend equal amounts of light and dark flavors.

Spring Equinox: Sparkling (Espumante)

Starting with the classic blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, we are creating a deliciously crisp extra brut Solsticio Sparkling wine for release in 2012.






Fall Equinox: Malbec Rosé

With a brilliant red color, a nose of raspberries and cherries, and a lingering finish with fresh and balanced acidity, our refreshing rosé will be released in 2012 and ready to become your next favorite!